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What is Temporary Housing?


What is Temporary Housing?

Understanding Temporary Housing: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on What is Temporary Housing. In this guide, we will delve into the concept of temporary housing, its importance in today's world, and why it's an excellent choice for various situations. According to the American Housing Survey, the demand for temporary housing has been on the rise in recent years.


What is Temporary Housing?

Temporary housing, also known as corporate housing, refers to renting a furnished apartment, condo, or home for a short period of time. This concept has evolved over the years to accommodate the needs of various individuals and situations. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides resources and information about different types of temporary housing.

Types of Temporary Housing

There are several types of temporary housing options available, each catering to different needs and preferences.

Furnished apartments are a popular choice for temporary housing. They come fully equipped with furniture, appliances, and other amenities, making them a convenient option for those who prefer a home-like environment. To learn more about what constitutes a furnished apartment, check out our post on What is a Furnished Apartment?

Corporate housing is a term often used interchangeably with temporary housing. It's typically used by businesses for employees who are relocating or on a long-term business trip. These accommodations offer a comfortable and homely environment, often more cost-effective than extended hotel stays. The Corporate Housing Providers Association offers more information on this type of housing.

Short-term rentals are properties rented out for a short period, typically on a month-to-month basis. They offer flexibility and are ideal for individuals who are in a transitional phase of their life.

Extended Stay Hotels

Extended stay hotels are designed for long-term stays, with amenities similar to those found in a home. They offer services like room cleaning and are a good option for those who prefer hotel-like services.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes offer a unique temporary housing solution. They are transportable and can be placed in various locations, offering a high level of flexibility.


Benefits of Temporary Housing

Temporary housing offers numerous benefits that make it an attractive option for many individuals. The National Apartment Association provides resources and information on the benefits of different types of temporary housing.

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the main advantages of temporary housing is its flexibility. With options ranging from month-to-month leases to extended stay hotels, individuals can find a solution that best fits their needs. This flexibility extends to the location as well, with properties available in various locations, from city centers to suburban areas.


Temporary housing can often be more cost-effective than traditional hotels, especially for longer stays. They typically include utilities and other services in the rental price, helping individuals save on additional costs. The U.S. Census Bureau provides data on housing costs in the U.S.

Comforts of Home

Temporary housing options are designed to offer the comforts of home. They come fully furnished, with kitchens, living areas, and sometimes even laundry facilities. This makes them an ideal choice for those seeking a homely environment.

Ideal for Various Situations

Temporary housing is a versatile solution, suitable for a variety of situations. Whether you're a student studying abroad, a business traveler on a long-term assignment, or a family in the process of relocating, temporary housing can provide a comfortable and convenient solution. The National Multifamily Housing Council provides resources on the versatility of temporary housing.

Who Can Benefit from Temporary Housing?

Temporary housing caters to a wide range of individuals and situations.

Business Travelers

Business travelers often need accommodation for extended periods. Temporary housing, particularly corporate housing, offers a comfortable and homely environment, with the flexibility and convenience necessary for business travel.


Students studying abroad or in different cities can benefit from temporary housing. It offers a flexible and cost-effective solution, with all the comforts of home.

People in Transition

Whether you're in the process of moving, renovating your home, or going through a life change, temporary housing provides a flexible and convenient living arrangement during transitional periods.

Disaster Victims

In the unfortunate event of a disaster, temporary housing can provide a safe and comfortable living arrangement. It offers a quick and flexible housing solution when it's most needed. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides resources for disaster victims seeking temporary housing.

Choosing the Right Temporary Housing

Choosing the right temporary housing depends on various factors, including your budget, location preference, and personal needs. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision, courtesy of The Balance - Renting Tips.

Factors to Consider

When choosing temporary housing, consider factors such as location, cost, amenities, and lease terms. It's also important to consider the reputation of the housing provider.

Tips for Finding the Best Temporary Housing

Start your search early and compare different options. Read reviews and ask for recommendations. Always read the lease agreement carefully before signing.

Temporary Housing in Dallas: A Case Study

Dallas, a bustling city in Texas, offers a variety of temporary housing options.

Overview of Temporary Housing Market in Dallas

Dallas has a thriving temporary housing market, with options ranging from furnished apartments to corporate housing. The city's vibrant economy and cultural diversity make it an attractive destination for both business travelers and individuals seeking temporary accommodation.

Benefits of Choosing Temporary Housing in Dallas

Choosing temporary housing in Dallas offers numerous benefits. The city has a wide range of options to suit different budgets and preferences. Its central location also provides easy access to various amenities and attractions.


Here are some common questions and answers about temporary housing.

  1. What is the difference between semi-furnished and fully furnished apartments?

    • A semi-furnished apartment typically includes some basic furniture and appliances, while a fully furnished apartment comes with all the necessary furniture, appliances, and sometimes even linens and kitchenware. For more detailed information, check out our post on What is the Difference Between Semi-Furnished and Fully Furnished?

  1. What is included in a fully furnished apartment?

  1. Is renting furnished worth it?

    • Renting a furnished apartment can be worth it for many individuals, especially those looking for short-term accommodation or those who prefer not to invest in furniture. For a more in-depth analysis, check out our post on Is Renting Furnished Worth It?


Temporary housing offers a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective solution for various individuals and situations. Whether you're a business traveler, a student, or someone in transition, temporary housing can provide a comfortable and homely environment. As the concept of temporary housing continues to evolve, it remains a versatile and valuable solution in the housing market, as highlighted by Investopedia - Real Estate Investing.

For more information on temporary housing and other related topics, explore our other posts on The Benefits of Staying in Corporate Housing vs Traditional Hotels and more.

Remember, the key to finding the best temporary housing is to understand your needs, do your research, and choose a reputable provider. Happy house hunting!

What is temporary accommodation?

Temporary accommodation refers to a living arrangement that is not permanent. It is typically used for short-term stays and can include options such as hotels, motels, serviced apartments, and short-term rentals. These accommodations are often fully furnished and include services such as cleaning and maintenance.

What are temporary houses?

Temporary houses are structures designed for short-term living. They can include mobile homes, modular homes, and other types of portable dwellings. These houses are often used in situations such as natural disasters, construction projects, or during a transition period such as a home renovation.

What is a temporary house?

A temporary house is a dwelling that is used for a short period of time. This could be a rented apartment, a hotel room, a friend's guest room, or a portable structure like a mobile home. The defining feature of a temporary house is that it is not intended to be a permanent residence.

What is temporary accommodation like?

Temporary accommodation can vary greatly depending on the type and purpose. It can range from a basic room with minimal amenities to a fully furnished luxury apartment. Most temporary accommodations are designed to provide a comfortable living space for short-term stays, and often include services such as cleaning, laundry, and sometimes even meals.

What is a temporary accommodation?

A temporary accommodation is a place to stay that is not permanent. It is often used by people who are traveling, moving, or in need of a short-term place to live. This can include hotels, motels, hostels, serviced apartments, and short-term rental properties.

What is corporate housing rental?

Corporate housing rental refers to a type of furnished apartment or house available for rent on a temporary basis, primarily for business travelers or relocated employees. These rentals are typically more spacious and comfortable than a hotel room, providing a more homely environment for extended stays.

What does temporary housing mean?

Temporary housing refers to any type of accommodation that is used for a short period of time. This can include hotels, serviced apartments, short-term rentals, and even dormitories. Temporary housing is often used by people who are traveling, relocating, or in need of a place to stay while their permanent residence is unavailable.

What to pack for temporary housing?

What you pack for temporary housing will depend on the length of your stay and what is provided at the accommodation. Generally, you'll want to pack clothes, toiletries, and any necessary electronics like your phone and laptop. If the housing is not fully furnished, you may also need to bring linens, dishes, and other household items. It's always a good idea to check with the housing provider to see what is included before you pack.

I hope these explanations help! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


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